Gary L Barr, Esq

"Taylor Young is just the most amazing realtor I have worked with. I have been a real estate attorney for over 40 years and have worked with a lot of realtors. Taylor is simply the best. Taylor helped find us a house for my sister who is moving from Northern California. Because my sister was not in town, Taylor would find possible housing and, if my sister was interested in it, Taylor would go see it herself. This happened numerous times. Once Taylor and my sister found the house my sister wanted, Taylor continued to go above and beyond. She made excellent recommendations for negotiations. Once my sister’s offer was accepted, Taylor stayed extremely active in the process including helping us get excellent inspectors (we needed four of them), staying with us while the inspectors did their inspections (almost all day), following up with the other realtor concerning items required by the Sellers, meeting repair people at the house to let them in and numerous other matters. For a period of weeks, we talked to Taylor virtually everyday. She did not disappear once the deal was made - to the contrary, she worked that much harder. Now that escrow has closed, Taylor has continued to work with the contractors making repairs, meeting them at the house and making sure that my sister is happy when she moves in. Taylor is just a true professional and the best to work with. We highly recommend her."

Robert Sainburg, Esq.

"I was the buyer of a property that Taylor Young was the listing agent. I can say the following statements with absolute truthful sincerity and honesty: 1) I met Taylor Young on the first day of the listing which was through an open house. I made an offer the next day. We opened escrow two weeks later. We closed escrow exactly one month later. We moved into the house three days later. This was 16 days ago. 2) Last night, I had a dinner-drink meeting with my own real estate agent and my finance person. Emphatically, both of these individuals stated that this process successfully completed because of Taylor Young's expert handling of it, that this process would never have happened but for Taylor Young, and specifically, the real estate agent specifically emphasized that Taylor Young made him feel good about being an agent and wanting to do his best. 3) During the process, Taylor Young expertly communicated with my agent, my finance person and me, and was able to bridge the gap between the complexities of the sellers' situation and our (buyers) needs. Taylor had a somewhat uncanny skill at humanizing the otherwise cold, sometimes brutal, process of a real estate transaction. 4) Ms. Young's personableness and charm made the drudgery and tension of the escrow process so much lighter. She finessed difficult situations, human dynamics and conflicting requests and as a skilled conductor, led the way not only for her principals, but for us, the buyers, my agent, my lender, and others involved in the process.

I recommend Taylor Young without hesitation."

Catherine Cavadini

"Taylor Young is, simply put, THE BEST real estate agent I have ever met. From the moment she met with my partner and I to sell my home, to the walk through of the dream home I purchased subsequently, I was struck by her brilliance, practicality, warmth, and sense of fun. Even though I had bought and sold a number of homes before these two transactions, I learned so much from Taylor. She REALLY knows the business of buying and selling a home. She also REALLY knows how to handle people. Throughout the whole process she was unbelievably supportive and took great care answering all of my questions, going over every detail of each step with me. I was amazed how on top of everything she was in our very tight time frame, which she orchestrated flawlessly. I am certain I would not be sitting in my new beautiful home within two months of the Open House of our old home if it had not been for Taylor. In a nutshell, I am a proud member of the “I Love Taylor Young!” club and I recommend her highly!"

Gordon Munro

"Taylor Taylor Taylor… The Best! What can I say? Taylor was our Listing Agent in LA and also agreed to ride the Krazy Train with me as a Buyer’s Agent in the Palm Springs area. We did that drive many times looking at properties in an On Fire real estate market. Who does this? Only someone with drive; determination and unwavering Patience! She has the highest bar for Integrity and Knowledge of all things “Real Estate”. With her help we did land that house in Rancho Mirage. I can’t recommend Taylor enough. Someone who exudes Caring and Integrity for not only her clients but everyone who is involved in the whole home selling/buying process."

Kelly and Martin Warner

"Taylor is exceptional. She helped us sell our house and had very good advice about what we should do (and didn't need to bother with) to increase the appeal of our house for prospective buyers. I was impressed by how hard she worked, going above and beyond to help us with every aspect of the sale. She recommended painters and other professionals we needed to get everything in shape and was present when we gathered estimates. I doubt many realtors would help their clients with that. She regularly stopped by or called to check in with us and keep us informed. She handled our anxiety well and was reassuring when we needed her to hold our hands! Her communication or "people" skills are excellent. Taylor knows how to talk to prospective buyers as well as other realtors. We moved to another state and did not have time to do everything we wanted to do to the house prior to leaving (like have our discarded "stuff" hauled away). Taylor attended to these things for us, for which we were enormously grateful. She even watered our plants that needed it until the house was sold. How many other realtors would be willing to do that? Our house was "her baby" until she sold it for us. Because of her hard work, we are convinced that we got approximately an additional $300,000 for our house. She helped us realize our dream of relocating."

Matthew Woolverton, Esq

My family purchased a residential property from a dishonest Tarzana agent who failed to disclosed multiple known defects. These problems with the home would have resulted in a cancellation of escrow if, as buyers, we were told the info as we should have been, or if the inspector noticed the problems. After being in the home for about six months, and problem after problem, we needed out as quickly as possible so our family could have a fresh start. After meeting with multiple agents to discuss selling our home, we were a bit disheartened and not sure what direction to take due the complexities involved with selling the property. We were finally introduce to Taylor Young. She came across as being honest and full of integrity.

After our second meeting it became quite clear that she knew the marketplace and was capable to represent the home on a professional level that was necessary to navigate the issues presented in selling our home. As it turned out, that was an understatement. Taylor Young is not only professional, but hardworking and was willing to make the upfront investment to permit the house to come onto the market with a splash. She also made my wife and I feel like she cared about the way we were treated by the prior agent and his vendors This genuine caring made us feel comfortable, appreciated and optimistic about the future for the first time in a long time. Taylor was also very respectful of the effort it takes on the part of a homeownership during the showing process. She took the time to thoroughly qualify any perspective buyer to assure the match.

Wow....what a phenomenal way to go. 25 days and multiple offers were revived on our problem home that I thought nobody in their right mind would buy. Taylor gave us the opportunity to start over in a new home, now that the cursed Tarzana house was sold.

Thank you Taylor!!!!

Dr. Gordon and Karen Van Tassell

"If you want to sell your house for what you know it is worth- list with Taylor Young. We met with other agents who were considered experts in the Tarzana market who wanted to list our house for considerably less than Tayor sold our house for. Taylor is passionate and energetic. She absolutely hums with enthusiasm. Taylor has a bigger-than-life personality- she's expansive and energetic- exactly the person you want to represent your house. She knew exactly what needed to be done and what could be left undone so that we didn't waste time, money, or energy. Taylor has a network of professionals that supported her in marketing our home. She brought in an amazing photographer and arranged for inspections so that there were no surprises during the inspection phase. The bottom line is that Taylor worked hard for us and represented us well. And she was delightful in the process. She honored our requests and was willing and able to have the difficult conversations that come with negotiating the sale of a house. We would definitely hire Taylor again. She is our agent for life!"

Yezzie and Tom Virostek

We have bought 2 homes from Taylor and sold one as well. With every transaction we thought she was amazing! Every phone call and email was answered promptly and any time i had doubts or concerns she was right there by my side to lead the way. She always made us feel like it was more than just a transaction for her, we always felt like she was looking out for our best interests and steering us clear of the mediocre. She found us exactly what we wanted in our first home and got the deal done quickly and made it so effortless for us. After we decided to move, we had no reservations about hiring her to sell our home and help us find a new one. When we finally saw one and fell in love with it, thinking the deal couldn’t happen, she did it! We are now living in a home we love so much and fits our family perfectly and she was a huge part in making that happen. We never hesitate to recommend her to anyone. We aren’t looking for a new home anytime soon but we will surely miss the fun we had house hunting. Taylor is wonderful and an absolute joy to work with. We were so lucky to have her in our corner.

Sameer Handa

"I met Taylor not too long ago. We started our search for homes in West Hollywood early January, by the end of January we were in contract and by March 1st I owned the home. In a fast moving housing market it is really imperative to have a broker who understands your criteria well, both aesthetically and financially. It is also important that the broker understands your temperament and urgency. Taylor quickly grasped all of this. She zoned in on homes in the area, worked methodically to eliminate the ones she knew would not hit my criteria, pre-screened some of the homes ahead of me and reported back. Together we found the home I eventually bought, she made herself available to meet me for both viewings and then worked expeditiously to put an offer in, negotiate the deal and close at UNDER ASK. Under ask in this current environment is unheard off. Taylor also connected me to a loan broker and managed all home inspections. The sellers were meant to leave their plants and ended up taking them, Taylor was kind enough to pay for replacement plants. Though this may not seem significant it just shows care. She was always available to jump on a call, walk through different scenarios & brainstorm. And there were a lot of calls. She also came with me to talk to my new neighbor about planting trees on his property because the property lines were unclear. I can say Taylor went above and beyond what most brokers would do and I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of a really solid broker."

Alex Alekseenko

"I was extremely anxious about starting the house search because I was worried about how it will affect my ability to stay productive at work. I am a university professor and I just could not see how to fit another big project into my schedule. I needed help of a reliable agent who would navigate me through the process and to whom I can trust to have my back. Ms. Taylor Young was just the right person! I am a quick learner and like doing things myself, however, buying the house was way out of my league. Ms. Young patiently waited for me to run into a few walls and then gently and delicately, took over the process. The most important part for me started when we were ready to make an offer. Let me tell you outright: Ms. Young, like a dream come true lawyer, will guard your interest like no one else! At many turns of the way, I just had to trust her on getting the right documents be filled out just right, right people contacted, the processes explained again and again. Looking back it could not be done better. She brings her own team to help her clients: her husband Ramy did an outstanding job on my mortgage applications providing second to none deal and making sure that all things worked; an engineering inspector Garret who did a great report on the house; the termite/wood inspector Blair, the plumbing specialist Michael – I am happy to give excellent recommendations to each member of the team! I am now in my new home! We love it, kids love it! We are starting a new chapter in our lives! And we would like to thank Taylor for helping us getting there! Great job, Taylor! Thank you from all of our hearts! Alex, Professor of Mathematics"

Dustin Mozian

"Taylor was amazing!!! She is very hands on and has great follow through. She made our buying experience seamless and enjoyable. She helped us buy our dream home and we will definitely use and recommend her in the future. She is engaging, honest, and a good negotiator. "

Matthew & Rebecca Moon

In anticipation for the purchase of our first house my wife and I went to dozens of open houses. We did this to gauge what our money could buy, get ideas and have a basic concept on what we wanted our first home to look like. The ulterior motive for attending so many open houses was to interact with realtors in the area and see who we would be comfortable working with.

One of the open houses was for a beautiful home in Woodland Hills. The home was great, but not for us. The listing agent was warm and friendly. Although we were not serious buyers for that home Taylor was gracious enough to spend some time with us. She showed us the house and got to know us as a couple. When we left that day we knew we met our realtor.

When we did finally start the process of finding a home we could not have had a better partner. Taylor listened to what we wanted. We weeded through a number of listings and saw a bunch of different houses. Taylor was never pushy. She weighed the different options with us and together as a team helped my wife and I to come to a decision. We are busy working professionals Taylor was respectful of our time and schedule. She also understood that we weren’t just buying a house, we were buying into an area to raise our family.

Taylor did a wonderful job negotiating with the listing agent and walked us through the entire process. She went the extra mile to make sure the inspections were done with care and worked hard to move to sales process along so we could meet our deadline to close on the house in the time we needed.

My wife and I can not be more thrilled with our home. We have heard many stories of people who had bad experiences purchasing a home. A year after we have moved in my wife and I are happy to say we loved the experience of buying our first home and Taylor Young is to credit for much of that. She is a great asset to have on your side.

Laura and Taylor Steadman

"We were in the market to sell and buy a new home in Fall 2016. Our lender referred realtor Taylor Young. From the first introductory phone call Taylor made us feel comfortable and in control. She explained the process simply and eased our initial anxieties with getting started. There were some up’s and down’s within the escrow timelines but Taylor was there every step of the way to provide support and advice. She is an excellent sounding board with a lot of knowledge. We are so grateful for her expertise! Taylor has great energy, she is upbeat and friendly- which makes her a delight to work with. Her communication is efficient and quick, she is an excellent listener and we felt she truly got to know us which really helps when making such big decisions. We have already sent a referral her way and will choose to work with her again in the future. It isn’t easy to sell or buy a home but it sure is a pleasure working with Taylor Young."

Gary Basaraba

Taylor had probably the single most valuable quality you want in a realtor....well, aside from the highest integrity and honesty of course...and that is....PATIENCE.... We looked everywhere from Inglewood to after house, and with great humor and understanding saw a lot of crazy deals, good deals, maybe deals and all along the way we were made to feel like she was there for us, advising on the downside and the upside of every property, the value now and in the future. In the end, it was as she said..." You'll just walk in the door...and you'll just know, this is IT...." Now on a rare half acre with a guest bedroom, a studio and a workshop, and a pool underway, we can't imagine how we ended up with the perfect place for us to settle down for good....but the answer is simple: it was Taylor Young... of course.

Amy and Steve Racius

This was my first time buying a home and my husband's second time. As most people would expect the process can be quite difficult and overwhelming. Taylor made everything so easy and really went out of her way to make sure we got the right home for our growing family. I will never forget the enthusiasm she had that first weekend we met up to look at houses. It was as if she was looking for a new home for herself. She was positive and optimistic and made us feel like there was no way we wouldn’t find the perfect home. Taylor really knew what we were looking for and gave us her honest input and even found some places she thought could be options for us. When we finally found our home Taylor worked fast to make sure that we had the chance to purchase. She advised us on certain options we had and backed us up 100% with our decisions. We got the home we wanted and it wouldn’t have been possible without Taylor’s hard work, open communication and dedication to making sure we found our happily ever after.

Tamir Farran

I could say alot of things about working with Taylor, all great, but I will just say two things: First, do not let the fact that she is fun and lovable fool you - she is razor sharp and laser focused. I never for one second worried about her ability to have our backs during negotiations. Second: she sees the big picture. At one point, she had to set US straight, in her nice but firm way, that WE were not seeing the forest for the trees. We almost botched out transaction for something that pissed us off in the moment. We are now in our great house because she helped us get our emotions out of our own way.

Hire her.

Sara Citak-Demir, Sherman Oaks

From the minute we met Taylor, we knew that she was the real estate agent that would help us find a place that we can call home. The service and personal attention we received from Taylor was exceptional, which complimented her real estate knowledge and experience. Throughout the process, Taylor was always personal, patient, responsive and amazing to work with. It was these characteristics that enabled us to purchase and move into our home within 2 months of our wedding. Regardless of the type of real estate transaction, we have and will continue to recommend Taylor. We could not have asked for a better Real Estate Professional, who by the end of the process became a friend.

Angelo Nicodemo

"Taylor is an exciting and marvelous broker. She made everything work. Her advice is extremely valuable and useful. For example, she recommended that I do reasonable and inexpensive improvements to my home and with her expertise, when my home for over 50 years was shown at its first open house, she sold it in less than three hours. Taylor is an exciting, compassionate and knowledgeable broker that will only be an asset to anyone that decides to enlist her. In addition, she is now a family friend."

Mary and Darren King

"Taylor came recommended by friends and co-workers of ours. My husband and I had concerns about being able to sell our home and finding another that was worth the trouble. Taylor brought a very respectful and positive outlook to the whole process. She remained calm and patient with us through it all. We both agreed it was so nice to have a realtor we could really talk to and who understood our concerns. She also was a great negotiator and got us a good deal on our new home that we are very happy in. Outside of the professional aspect, Taylor is a lot of fun and was great with our kids. She seems to legitimately love what she does and care about who she works with. We were happy to have found her."

Mary King

Taylor helped me sell a condo I rented out for a long time that I really needed to get rid of as it was costing me money. I worked with her before when my husband and I needed to move locations. I love working with Taylor because she takes the time to listen to my concerns and does so happily. I never felt like she rushed me, was annoyed or only in this for a profit which I have experienced before with other realtors. She even took the time to explore other avenues other than selling which I appreciated. She also was great at giving me advice as to what needed to done to improve my chances at getting a good sale price. And my expectations were exceeded in terms of how much the closing price ended up being which was over the asking price. She understands a lot about identifying a promising buyer, negotiating, important loan/broker aspects. And she ALWAYS kept me in the loop and let me know exactly what was happening. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Her only fault is that she is exceedingly friendly and positive. Which can be a drag for the less optimistic.

Heather and Todd Beckett

For anyone about to brave the terrifying waters of either buying or selling a home, a good agent is precious. One with heart, integrity, intelligence, warmth and understanding even more so. Taylor Young is that rare breed of agent that makes the process fun and enjoyable. She reduces the stress of the process to its bare minimum, leaving you with the sense that you are secure and in good hands. She goes the extra mile and beyond for her clients. If you need an agent to help you I can think of none better. She renewed our faith in real estate agents, and you can't help but love her. Go on! Give her a try! You won't regret it!

Daniel Einzig

We’ve worked with several agents and most of them didn't seem to do anything that we couldn't have done on our own. Luckily we stumbled upon Taylor. She was able to make the entire home buying experience much more enjoyable from start to finish. She was always reachable by phone and email and never disappeared during the crucial moments. And the cherry on top?! …she was able to negotiate a really great price for our new home and even after we closed, she was available to answer questions and alleviate any concerns. Taylor helped us have an all-around great experience and for that we are extremely grateful!

Margret and Dean Sullivan

We hired Taylor Young on the recommendation of a good friend, who raved about her. In the past, we had worked with a few realtors to try and sell our Woodland Hills home and it just always fell through for one reason or another. We were about to give up, when we met lovely Taylor. Who, unbelievably sold our house in 8 days! For Asking price! We couldn't be happier. We just adored her. She was professional, knowledgeable, always there when we had questions. She had a great rapport with everyone. It was just such a smooth close. Taylor is the best.

Esther and Richard Goldberg

My husband and I have lived in the West Valley for 20 years, because we love it. We have purchased in that time, 3 houses. We know the market, and have worked with many Realtors. We understand, fully, the Realtor can make or break this very stressful purchase. When it came time to finding another home, we asked our circle of friends if they knew anyone good.

This is how we came to meet Taylor Young. She came highly recommended, and for good reason. Our first meeting, was at our house, and Taylor just sat with us, as if we were her only clients. We talked about what we were looking for in our next home, price, area, you know the usual. What really blew us away was, she was extremely knowledgeable about the area, every special little nook, and cranny in the West Valley. She knew the listing agent, the list price, how long it had been on the market. We never, ever, felt rushed. Taylor truly, just listen to our wants and needs for our new house, and found us a gem. I hope I can convey what an unbelievably different experience we had this time buying a house, with Taylor's help. We loved working with her. Could not recommend her more highly. Thank you again my dear, we love our new home!!

Amy Gordon

We couldn't ask for a better experience working with Taylor to help in creating a better life for our family. She took something that can be so stressful, time consuming and heavily weighted on as a huge life change and made it seem like a walk in the park. Not only was she helping us find our forever home but she was to hit the ground running to sell our current home once we found something. Never once did she show us any doubt or any signs that she couldn't make this transition as painless as possible for us. She worked methodically and reminded us daily to take one step at a time, one day at a time. She was willing to be patient with us and gave her experienced guidance when needed. It's so easy for someone to just say it will all work out but all of her time, energy and knowledge is what allowed us to get to that point. This isn't the first time we've worked with Taylor and we would recommend her to anyone that is looking to make what could be one of the most stressful situations feel so safe and supported. We are grateful for her and this industry is a better place because of her.

Korey and Shaney Kalman

"This was our first home and home buying experience and working with Taylor made it a seamless, easy, stress-free (if you can believe it!) process. She is incredibly knowledgeable, guided us step by step, while also making us feel comfortable, like we had known her for years! Despite how many clients she may have been working with at the time, we always felt like we were her only priority and felt she took a vested interest in us and getting us our home! Needless to say, we got the house we wanted, thanks to Taylor!"

Carlos Chilin

Taylor was a great agent to work with during this home buying experience. We were doing a sell/buy, which seems like it always can be tricky- but Taylor's patience and resources helped us along the way. Taylor provided a very genuine and honest experience, which unfortunately seems to be rare with real estate agents.

Bob and Jodie Eustrom

Taylor is absolutely wonderful! We feel she is now a great friend and a member of our family. She provided us with excellent customer service and assisted us in selling our home quickly at a good price.Through her efforts, we were able to sell our home and purchase our dream home in Oregon. We cannot thank her enough for providing us with her expertise and knowledge, which enabled us to accomplish our move.

Ashley Galloway

Taylor Young did an amazing job selling our house. We received a full price offer in a week, with back up offers! She was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we closed on time. I can't thank her enough for all her hard work. I would highly recommend.

As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, West Hills, Calabasas, and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

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